Very bad experience.

I purchased a Pololu voltage regulator and although it was shipped from France, it took just over 3 weeks for me to get it in Denmark, despite the HIGH postage price (over 1 euro for 5 tiny modules). While at the same time I receive products from china, shipped with DHL in just under 3 days for ~20eur shipping. 3 weeks is simply unreasonable.

- Diigiit Sales: you are right. We have changed our dispatching systems for a couple of orders in Europe. As a consequence, our delivery time has been worst than before. Also, La Poste in France tooks nearly 2 weeks to redirect your package to Denmark. We are reorganizing our dispatching system in Europe to lower both our delivery time and shipping rates. One more time, we are sorry about your bad experience.

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Manuel Maestrini Copenhagen 02:29:07 04-26-2015

Order received on time, however some parts were not use and were therefore discarded. Other than that, everything else was perfect. Thanks again.

-Diigiit Sales: can you tell us for what reason some parts were discarded? Is there anything wrong with those parts? Thank you.

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23:33:48 04-25-2015
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tres bon vendeur livraison super rapide bon produit ,je conseille ce vendeur fortement .merci
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robin ste anne des monts 20:05:10 04-25-2015
Deltang RC products
Thanks for the speedy, excellent service. The special order receivers arrived today. It was much appreciated. Thank you
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Hans Victoria 02:05:47 04-01-2015
Great Experience
I had a $10.00 coupon from an earlier mishap with shipping in the past and was having trouble using it. I was able to get support for that issue very fast. The shipment of the product was quick. I definitely will be shopping with this company again. The customer service is excellent.
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Dennis Rondeau Winnipeg 08:43:11 03-26-2015